Customer support
1.1 How much?

Calibrations are $50 per device plus tax

1.2 Method of payment?

Credit only, prepaid on account.

1.3 How often?

Every 30 days to ensure proper operation (the LMP200 will automatically lockout after 30 days).

1.4 How long does calibration take?

The average calibration takes less 2 minutes

1.5 Certificate of Calibration included?

Yes. A certificate of calibration will be emailed to the registered owner. Please allow 30 days.

1.6 Can I buy the ABC Station?

No. The testing/calibration station is not available for purchase by contractors at this time. (link to Kiosk locator).

2.1 How do I use the LMP200 Gas Detector.

A simple Quick Start Guide is provided with every tool (linked below).

City-Calibration-LMP200_Quick_Operation_Guide.pdf (1.7 MB)